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Sat, Aug 11, 2012 7:59 PM


Lightroom: Keyword not being recognized properly after edit and save in photoshop

I have some files in LIghtroom with keywords. I edit them in Photoshop, then save as TIFFs and return to Lightroom. At this point Lightroom is confused about one of the keywords in the files. (All the other keywords act as they should).

For this keyword, if I filter on Metadata, and select the keyword, then the newly edited files are selected if the keyword column is for Hierarchical View, but not if it is set for Flat view.

Interestingly, the count of keywords is correct (the count includes the newly added TIFFs), but they don't show, when I apply a keyword filter.

To be clear (redundant), let me say that there are 3 CR2 files with this keyword. I edit all in Photoshop, and save as TIFFs. Now Lightroom says that there are 6 files with this keyword (the three CR2, and 3 TIFF). If I look at the Keyword list panel, it shows "6" after the keyword. If I look at the Keyword panel in the Metadata Filter Panel, it shows "6" after the keyword. However, if I set the Keyword column in the Metadata Filter panel to "Flat" and select the photos with that keyword (either by clicking on the arrow after the keyword in the Keyword List panel, or selecting the keyword in the Keyword column), then only THREE images (the CR2s) are shown. If I set the keyword column to show Hierarchically, then all 6 show.

If I remove the keyword from the three TIFFs and then add it again, it fixes the problem. Synchronizing the folder with the TIFFs does not fix the problem. Nor does optimizing the database.

I suspect that this has something to do with the hierarchy of keywords that I am using. I have found other infelicities (issues, but I can't call them bugs) with non-exported keywords in the keyword hierarchy, and perhaps they are showing up here too.

I can supply an example, but have not tried to replicate this with a new, virgin database.

In this image, you can see that my Quick Collection has 6 images (three CR2s and three TIFFs), the keyword column shows that all six have the keyword "Lepidium sp.", but selecting the keyword only displays three of the images (the CR2s).

As I said, this bug only occurs for some of my keywords, and I haven't tried to track down why those keywords are different than the ones that work correctly.

Contact me if you want more info. Lightroom 4.1, Photoshop 13.0

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8 years ago

Does this only happen immediately after editing in Photoshop?

If yes, does restarting Lightroom help? (I've seen a similar bug, when metadata filter misbehaves after editing in Photoshop)

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8 years ago

Could be. It appears that the photos I added no longer show this bug, but I don't have the time right now to try to track it down. I would spend the time if Adobe was going to try to fix it, but I never know if these bug reports actually result in action by Adobe.