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Fri, May 6, 2011 2:59 PM

Lightroom: Keep track of exported filenames

It is a common workflow to rename using a sequence number so that there are no gaps in the filenames of the proofs that are delivered to clients.

Unfortunately, this creates problems:

  • If you rename on import, then deleting junk causes gaps in your sequence.

  • If you rename within Lightroom, then virtual copies screw up the sequence and forces original files to be backed up again because their filenames have changed.

  • If you rename on export, then it is challenging to match up the feedback from clients with the files as named in Lightroom.

Proposal: Keep a list of exported filenames associated with each file. Any time a file is exported/published as is renamed at that time, store that in a list that can be seen in the Metadata panel. This metadata must also be searchable.

Then people can leave their filenames alone in Lightroom, and can still find the file their client is talking about when they say they like #432. This would solve a common workflow problem, and would reduce calls to the help desk.



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9 years ago

Before I export a batch of images I rearrange them in a collection, placing them in the order I want to display them to my clients. On export I add a sequence number to the beginning of the file name (eg RP001, RP002, ...) but I always keep the original file number as part of the exported file name, so no matter what happens I can always find the original...

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I do something similar to Sean except I add a sequence number to the end of my renamed files to end up with GW20110509-33456-001 with the last three being the sequence.