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Fri, Aug 29, 2014 6:45 PM

Lightroom: It would be nice to be able to create favorite source folders in the import-"module" i.e. dropbox camera upload folder...

Some folders are used more then others and it would be nice to be able to create shortcuts.





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6 years ago

Click the button at the top of the screen - the top left corner of the dialog - and you'll see your recently used folders. Your favorites are probably already there.

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6 years ago

Or you can drag-and-drop a folder to your LR main Library window and that'll initiate an import.

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THANKS so much ! This is very like what I needed to help me navigate folders of photos not yet imported into Lightroom.

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6 years ago

Initiate an import, but it should assume the destination will be the folder you're dragging into.

Really, you should be able to drag & drop to any folder in your folders list and it would initiate an import to that specific folder.

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5 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Add the ability to save favorite source folders in the import photos d....

It would be nice if we could save specific folders as "Favorite Import Locations". Currently I can dock a folder but Lightroom does not maintain docked folders between imports.

It would save tons of time if we didn't need to drill down into the folders each time.

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2 years ago

@Alex Van Dreel -- we will discuss this aspect internally with Engineering Team. That said, as of now you can color label folders implying that they are Favorite Import.