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Mon, Aug 1, 2011 11:32 PM

Lightroom: Incomplete import of photos.

Somewhat new user to Lightroom 3. My problem is the incomplete import of photos. The missing photos are on the computer and can be opened in Corel, Windows 7 and Windows Live.

Import to Lr3 will load most photos but never all. It does not matter if the import size is 10 photos or 100 photos. It does not matter which camera I use. The problem occurs when importing direct from card, CD, external drive or internal drive.

I missing something, just seems very random.




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9 years ago

Hi Robert,

Is it always the same photos that fail to import, or is it random? In other words, if you have selected 10 photos to import, and only 9 come in, if you remove from the Lightroom library the 9 that worked and try it again, does the same one fail again?

Also, does Lightroom give you any error message regarding the photos that failed to import?