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Wed, Sep 26, 2012 10:24 PM

Lightroom: Improve handling for raw+jpeg "coupled" images to allow search, filtering, erase, etc.

Back in the day, I shot lots of images using raw+jpeg and imported them into Lightroom. Now I realize those jpegs add no value and I'd like to recover the disk space that they're occupying.

My immediate need is to have a way to:
1. Identify all images in a catalog which are raw+jpeg (nef+jpeg, etc)
2. Remove just the jpeg for these images

I've looked at various plugins designed for handling raw+jpeg, but don't feel confident that simply removing the jpegs and not updating the LR catalog (as these tools seem to do) will not leave LR confused.

More generally, it would be great if LR provided improved handling of these "coupled" images. I can imaging that some folks might want to keep only the jpeg and delete that heavyweight raw file for images that they don't intend to process.

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Lightroom: Capability to display embedded preview or sidecar Jpeg


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9 y ago

+1 vote.

In the mean time, consider RawPlusJpeg v2.0+.

Regarding deletion of jpeg sidecars (when *not* imported separately): I've researched the database issues enough to know that simply synching folders (with "Treat raws & jpegs separately" preference enabled) after deletion takes care of *everything*. Seriously - I literally compared each field in each database table - you need not worry. This holds true whether manually deleting jpeg sidecars or via plugin. Lightroom will look right and act right afterwards, because it *is* right...




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A Jpeg in a raw+jpeg pair, is just another sidecar, like xmp or wav. No other additional information about the jpeg is stored in the catalog.

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Right. - and synching folders with "Treat separately" checked after deleting the sidecar file, causes Lightroom to clear that little tidbit, as if it had never happened. All's well that ends well. You may get confused by this, but Lightroom won't. Cheers, Rob.