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Mon, Nov 12, 2012 5:45 PM

Lightroom: Import Preset bug: "Make Second Copy to" not unchecking.

I have several import presets that I use "Personal", "Work", etc. I don't want to create a backup copy on import as I use a different backup strategy, however, each time I switch presets, the "Make Second Copy to" check box reselects itself.

I have deleted and recreated all of my presets numerous times with this box unchecked yet it always rechecks itself somehow when switching between them.

It is very annoying that I have to be on guard for this bug or end up with extra files clogging up my hard drives and slowing imports.

Can this be resolved please?

BTW, this has been an issue for some time, dating all the way back to LR3.0 as far as I can remember and is still in the latest 4.2.


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7 years ago

I reported this and other issues with the inport preset handling at the LR4 beta stage.
This were confirmed by moderators as bugs and I understood were reported to ADOBE. But nothing happened and these self same faults are still present in the LR5 beta.
Come on Adobe don't you ever fix bugs?

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3 years ago

Bug still present in Lightroom Classic CC.