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Mon, Jun 13, 2011 7:05 PM


Lightroom: Import PDF Format & Color Labels for Folders

I am a amature photographer, researcher, and modeller of Military equipment. I am currently using Lightroom 2 and CS3 premium. I have two abilities that I wish Lightroom had. First is the ability to list, organize and read (or open via Acrobat connectivity) .PDF documents. I use Light room not only to organise my actual photos but to organise scans of documents in the .jpeg format. It would help greatly if I could organise my significant list of .pdf material in the same way. This would allow me to organize and search all my stored reference through one program.
Second is more of a easier method for reading and labelling my collection. Can you enable Lightroom to allow choice of font size and color when naming folders, files and individual items? The one size grey text and greyscale arrows make it somewhat difficult to quickly run through the list.

Thank you for your time,
Joshua Weingarten




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As far as color labels for folders goes, it might be worth adding your vote to this thread:

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