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Sat, Jun 25, 2011 10:17 AM


Lightroom: Import dialog box / file renaming - time zone correction.

Presently there is a bug that files are usually (not always unfortunately) named using a UTC normalized time instead of local time zone.

Whether that bug is fixed or not, I'd like to see an option to apply a correction to times upon import, in case user wanted UTC time but forgot to set camera to UTC, or if user wanted local time in shooting zone, but forgot to change local time zone in camera when traveling across time zones, or in case that bug is *not* fixed ;-}

In my opinion, the default should be local time (as is in exif metadata for date-time-original).

Note: part of the purpose of this request is for people who use date-time in filename or for who it's critical for other things, to get time-zone confirmation before proceeding with the import. Its relatively easy to change after the fact, but you have to catch it first, and me be more problematic to change if not caught early.


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4 years ago

That would actually be nice!
- Let me set different offsets to images-to-be-imported, because I make a reference shot every once in a while on a trip (Keeps it in sync with GPS)
- Let me specify time zone information (maybe separate local time from utc so that i can sort by utc?)
- Let me rename my photos upon importing to a custom name including subseconds (bursts!)