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Fri, Jun 20, 2014 1:15 PM


Lightroom: HSL Adjustment Brush?

Lightroom: how about an HSL adjustment brush? The targeted adjustment tool in HSL is one of the most powerful tools in Lightroom. I would LOVE to see this become an adjustment brush so that we can selectively adjust only portions of an image. Currently, the HSL too adjusts hue, saturation, and luminescence for the entire image. But, let's say I have an image with a large color range, but I only want to adjust a portion of it, without adjusting the entire image (for example, a portrait session from a beach sunset scene. I want to adjust the sky, without adjusting the model's clothing).

To do this, I would have to either go into Photoshop and use several adjustment layers, masking out the model. Or, I could create multiple virtual copies within Lightroom, adjust each one for the colors I want, and then blend them back together in Photoshop. Either way I am having to make the jump over to Photoshop.

An HSL adjustment brush could prevent this blending step. In the CC14 presentation, Adobe made a big deal about making our workflow faster, and more efficient, while cutting out unnecessary steps. This seems like a big one for us Lightroom users.

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