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Tue, Apr 26, 2011 6:54 PM

Lightroom: How do I work with multiple Catalogs? (Master catalog with satellite/field catalogs)

I'd like to know if there is any way to have 1 master catalog but still have satellite catalogs that I can work on. Example= On my home computer is my master collection but if I'm on the go and want to edit images on my laptop, I export a catalog of just the images I want to edit and make changes to the images in that exported catalog. I want to re-import those changes I made to those images without having to duplicate the images in my master catalog or deleting anything on my master. Is this just as simple as import catalog without images or is it more complicated (or even possible).


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10 years ago

It is that simple, and while doing so, you can choose to keep your prior settings as virtual copy.


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10 years ago

Export as Catalog, and Import from Catalog. They're meant for your kind of roundtrip workflow.

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10 years ago

Check out this Lightroom Catalog FAQ

It answers the following questions:

What is a catalog?
How do I create a catalog?
Can I have more than one catalog?
Can I store my catalog on a network?
How can I use my catalog on multiple computers, such as a laptop and a desktop?
How many photos can I have in a catalog?
What is the largest size photo I can import into Lightroom?
How do I move photos between catalogs?
How do I move a catalog from a Windows computer to a Mac?
How do I import my Lightroom 2 catalog into Lightroom 3?
How do I back up my catalog?
My catalog can't find my photos. What happened?

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