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Tue, Feb 7, 2012 5:01 PM


Lightroom: here is how to gain EVERY NLE user as a Lightroom 4 User......

Here is a dream workflow for any premiere user who wishes to use Lightroom as a Librarian :

1) Import footage into Lightoroom
2) Set rough in/out point on rushes along with poster frame
3) Apply meta data such as comments, scenes, shots
4) Create an album with i.e. all shots of a particular scene
5) Select album and drag an drop it into Premieres Project panel.

Premiere should be able to interpret ALL METADATA set in LR4.
Premiere should be AT LEAST able to recognize the in and out points applied in LR4

This would speed up workflow by at least 400% for any premiere user taking a day to get into the workflow.

Here is a dream workflow for ANYONE using ANY NLE (Transcoding Version)

OK, so lots of folks will convert their footage to Highres and less compressed codecs to gain quality and speed when editing and color correcting.
Most will just transcode the whole rush to i.e ProRes... And thus wasting a WHOLE lot of space.

Here is a scenario in which LR4 could quickly become the number one transcoding tool on the planet. Saving tons of Gigabyte !!!

1) Import footage off of card into LR4 (BackUp copy - small (ORG) File size)
2) Set in & Outpoints roughly to trimm off beginning and endings (Giving the editor the core part of the scene he needs)
3) Metadata would be applied at this stage. Perhaps even white balancing
4) Select all the trimmed footage and virtual copies
5) Hit export to ProRes or any other codec.
Metadata SHOULD be applied to those files of course....

Above scenarios at least the second one, should be extremly easy to implement. And you would gain a couple of 100,000 users overnight.

Run it past your project manager.... He should be able to realize this. If not, give the Premiere Pro guys a holla... They will confirm.

I personally, would fly out and give you all a buig sloppy kiss if you could just implement those features. And I take that I am NOT alone.....

Warm Regards !

PS ---- We should NOT have to "Capture" a frame to be able to goto dev. mode. Capture it for us, so we can edit directly on it in dev. mode... And just DIMM the feature NOT available to Vide.
I KNOW that I can use Lib. mode to do the same but the white balance eye dropper is VERY userful. In case you did not know ;-)


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