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Fri, Dec 9, 2016 11:40 AM

Lightroom: Gridview scrolling when dragging image to publish service

I usually have my folders bar at the left side of my screen hidden, so that I can see more images in grid view and bigger images in loupe view. If I want to drag an image from my grid view to one of the publish services I firt have to drag the image to the left to make the folders/collections/publish-service bar appear. I would say that this is as it should be. Now I drag the grabbed image downwards to start the folder pane scrolling downwards to my publish service, like one would do with a file in a filebrowser.
The problem is: When the folder pane starts scrolling so does the grid view, which is quite annoying. I can end up hundreds of images away from where I started dragging. Dropping in the publish service works fine. It is just annoying to have to scroll all the way back (pressing an arrow key isn't an option, I'm currently handling the mouse and maybee want to select the 4th image after the dragged one quickly...)
This problem does not occure when the folder pane is locked in place, so the functionality is there, it's just not properly implemented. And again, fixing the folder pane beforehand is also very cumbersome and messes with the grid view (less columns for thumbnails...)

Could you give it a try to see wether I'm the only one experiencing this?
LR CC current, Win 10


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