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Thu, Jun 15, 2017 7:22 PM


Lightroom: Global preference setting to never delete 1:1 previews

I can't tell you how many times I've cried in front of the computer when I'm under a deadline and suddenly, right when I'm close to delivering and don't have time, everything slows down because lightroom has automatically deleted all of my 1:1 previews without asking me.

Why does this happen you ask? 
Well, I'm a wedding and music festival photographer, and often my full gallery deadlines are more than 30 days after the event (10,000+ photos can take a while to edit).

And lightroom has a setting you have to reset for EACH catalog to keep previews longer than 30 days. 

Why don't I just globally set this you ask? Well there seems to be no way to set this preference that lightroom remembers it! Literally every time you create a new catalog you have to remember to reset this setting to "never" delete 1:1 previews. 

And if you forget? You only find out 30 days later when suddenly all your hard work creating previews, often overnight, is suddenly lost as they're all deleted. And you're crying at the computer because suddenly that deadline you were about to make is completely impossible because everything just slowed down. 

I wish there was a global way to set this default so I'm not constantly losing my efforts, and I wish there was a way to get adobe to consider the time it takes to generate previews as actual work time, especially when you're generating previews for 10,000 - 15,000 photos. 

I don't think there's any other kind of files that adobe would consider OK to just delete out from under you once you've worked on creating them. I only wish they would consider that for some of us these aren't just a byproduct of work we want to remove, but actual work we've already done that we need to make sure aren't removed so we can stay on schedule. 

hope someone's listening.


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4 years ago

Another case of programmers knowing better than you what's best for you, indeed. Just make a setting with number of days to keep the previews and that would help.



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4 years ago

"Every time you create a new catalog you have to remember to reset this setting to "never" delete 1:1 previews. "

While waiting for Adobe to implement this, here's a workaround that might help: Create an empty "template" catalog that has all your desired per-catalog settings. When you need a new catalog, copy the template catalog folder, rather than doing File > New Catalog.

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4 years ago

If this is such an item for you why don't you comply to Adobe's advice to only use one catalog and not multiple? Most photographerss do.

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(Adobe's advise'    and    "most photographs do"    are, in my view, phony kind of advice as such alone.)
I'm not the OP but I can think of reasonable reasons he might prefer a workflow where each client or project are (at least as some point) treated as small catalogs each.

Shure, all projects can be managed (often more) effectively  in one main single catalog's collections, with sub- collections, and once a project is finished; collections can be EASALY exported (duplicated)  as (to become) small individual catalogues for archiving, passing along etc., and at that same moment You can also manually delete the related 1:1 previews should You consider them obsolete and fear to many of them in a main LRcat).  -The OP might still have  good reasons to also want to do the opposite (import collections of external LRCAT into his main one, or etc. 

To  ask Adobe to provide multiple choice (not just only '1month' vs. 'never' ) seems reasonable.
(But also; to remember to specify this setting at each création of a new catalog does not seem totally unreasonable to me either - nor unreasonable to accommodante for some time for a simple re-build of lost previews ). 
John R. Ellis Champion's idea sounds good also  (or even a dedicated real "LR-Template" wizard), as it can also include other preference-settings.