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Sun, Mar 31, 2013 2:11 PM


Lightroom: Give some life to the context menu key

Lightroom (4.3 and all before, on Windows): Give some life to the "[context] menu key"
When I press this key, I'd expect the current image's context menu to open. Right now, bluntly nothing happens.


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2 years ago

I would like to add my +1 to this topic. I just now stumbled over this issue.
Consider the following workflow: Browsing through images in Loupe view [E] I encounter shots that clearly belong to a panorama. Since I was browsing with the [arrow keys], I press [G] and use the [arrow keys] to navigate to the first image of the pano series. While holding the [shift key] I select all images belonging to the pano with the [arrow keys], label them with the appropriate color via the [numpad] and group them by pressing [Ctrl] + [G]. Notice the absolute lack of mouse operations until now. The next task is to trigger the photomerge, so I press the [context menu]-key on the keyboard to open the context menu on the currently selected image, as all windows programs that are thus designed would, and navigate to - oh wait, the context menu does not open.

Now, I see that there is a shortcut for doing photomerge operations, but some more nested options like "remove image from stack" don't seem to have shortcut keys assigned to them.

Since you seem to already have a "OnKeyPress"-EventHandler for the miniatures in grid view in place (since normal shortcuts do work), might I suggest you extend the pressed keys evaluation with a "case ContextMenuKey: DoOpenContextMenuLikeIDidAnOrdinaryRightKlickOnTheSelectedMiniaturesInGridView(); break;"?