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Wed, Dec 7, 2016 1:31 PM

Lightroom: Full screen images displaying blurry

When you hit the F key in the latest LR CC, the image that is displayed is blurred. It does not change into sharp focus however long you leave it.


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4 y ago

What OS/version are you running Lightroom on?

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4 y ago

2017 06 04
I am facing the same problem:
- LR CC 2015.10.1
- Win10
- two displays
When looking an image in lupe mode 1:1, the image is NOT blur
Then, when typing F, all the panels disappear to display the image full screen, with same enlargement as lupe 1:1 (normal behaviour).
During the clearing of the panels, the image goes and stays, blur !
Does anyone has a solution?

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2 y ago

I tried to open my blurry pics in File Explorer and that's when Lightroom told me it couldn't locate the file. So I synchronized the folder and all the blurry pics were removed. Apparently they were blurry because LR was just enlarging the saved thumbnail. You'd think they would have told us during the image enlargement that they couldn't locate the file. So anyway, just re-sync.