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Sun, Feb 5, 2012 4:30 PM

Lightroom: Filter (or sort by file type) in Import Option

In "LR3 Import" I miss the possibiity to filer files (By example: "import only DNG") or a sort option (sort by file type)

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Lightroom: Sorting and filter in import dialog


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9 y ago

This turns into a ***huge*** problem when importing a ton of raw files, and 1 jpg is included (by accident).

I hit the import button, come back an hour later expecting to get to work, but it says "raw files were not converted to DNG"... so the entire process is slammed to a halt, it hasn't generated ANY of the 1-1 previews....Just waiting for me to say "ok!"... and then it starts generating previews.

Then I delete the ONE JPG that caused a needless period of idle time with the program waiting for me to say "ok"... it's completely antithetical to the intent of Lightroom and would be REALLY easy to fix.

A simple "sort by file type" would completely eliminate this problem, and also eliminate all the wasted time I spend individually de-selecting JPGs before checking all the raw files. No, I *don't* want to manually presort and copy all my files to a temp folder for download, conversion and then deletion... thats more superfluous steps. "Sort at import" is sensible and expedient.

Please please please include this in an update... soon. Thank you (again)