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Wed, May 25, 2011 5:35 PM

Lightroom: File transmission issue shooting tethered

I'm shooting images while my 5D is tethered to my laptop. After Lightroom (v3.4) transfers it, it sometimes appears partially or fully garbled, to use a technical phrase, like the one below.

Sometimes turning the camera off and on again makes the next shot(s) transfer fine, sometimes not. I switched transfer cords, which solved the problem temporarily, but a few shots later it did it again. Strangely, every time an image comes through garbled, it appears correctly on the laptop screen for a split second while it renders a low-res image, but then the full-res is rendered wrong. The same images on the camera card look fine on the back of the camera, and if I download them the regular way they render fine. The problem only happens when shooting tethered.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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10 years ago

I would check out solution 5 in this document:

Troubleshoot tethered capture | Lightroom 3

Solution 5: Try a different USB cable and USB port

If you're using a long USB cable or USB extension, try using a shorter USB cable, removing the USB extension, or using a powered USB hub.

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