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Wed, Apr 20, 2011 9:33 PM


Lightroom: Extension Modules

I think there are a lot of really great ideas for Lightroom, but that don't appeal to enough users to make top priority, or at least not yet - in light of competing features. Presently users may be faced with:

- Plugins
- External Applications
- Doing without

I'd like to suggest another possibility:

- Extension Modules

Extension modules would be like plugins, but would be written by Adobe and tightly integrated with Lightroom. Adobe to charge extra for them...

I mean, people who don't use Lightroom's slideshow don't care about slideshow module improvements, and people who are happy with their external Photobook app don't care about a Photobook feature in Lightroom...

My suggestion is to have Lightroom extension modules, so people who would use them regularly in Lightroom could have them, without taking dev resources away from core Lightroom development (additional employees or subcontractors could be hired to do them), nor $ away from other users who dont care about the features.

My original thinking was to split off some of the existing features into for-fee modules as well, but even if that is not done (I admit, it would probably be an unpopular move at this point), additional modules could be done for-fee...

For example, I can see a really groovy GPS (places) module, that allows GPS users to view photo locations on a map, and incorporate maps in a story-board / slideshow / web presentation... I would not support that now because I dont use GPS, but if I did...

Also, I know some people who shoot more video than stills now, and would dearly love video editing features in Lightroom. People who shoot only stills, are obviously not real crazy about paying for this.

Get the idea?


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10 years ago

I too am for this concept ... extending the possibilities of LR to workflow specific tasks I think could add considerable value to Lr ... much in the same way plugins have added value to Ps over the years ... any additional functionality that would eliminate the need for creating temporary derivative files would really go a long way in reducing the clutter of my current workflow ...

While it is quite easy to export images for projects and use other options ... Why not complete the tasks right in the friendly confines of the Lr UI?

In the course of a year, I would estimate that I end up exporting 20,000 to 30,000 images for book/album creation and slideshows due to the complete lack of the ability to do so in Lr ... or the less than stellar feature set for slideshows ... that ends up being quite a few files to keep track of (even for short durations) and considerable drive space as well ...

I know it can be done ... and done well ... it's just a matter of making the commitment to invest the development in-house ... or opening up the Module" system for third party developers ...

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10 years ago

Why do they need to be "written by Adobe". Really you're asking for optional modules that can be installed after the fact.

Why not go all the way and provide the full SDK required to allow outside developers to create them. This would allow Blurb and other album manufacturers to create fully integrated book publishing solutions. Or for Slideshow Pro to provide a much better slideshow module. Or for OnOne to create a Layers tool that is actually integrated and non-destructive.

If you're going to think big then ask for the world!

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"Why not go all the way and provide the full SDK required to allow outside developers to create them" - That would be even better. I just hope they don't let any reluctance to supporting it for 3rd parties interfere with doing it themselves.