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Tue, Jan 28, 2020 9:17 PM

Lightroom: Export not working after Catalina Update

After I have installed Catalina, I am not able to export more than ca. 5 photos before Lightroom freezes. Then I have to restart my computer, as Lightroom wouldn't open again. I am not able to deliver photos in a timely manner which is a high business risk and not even the disabling of the GPU helped any further. Using the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for photographers incl. a MacBook Pro 2017. All updates are done. Please help!




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2 y ago

Please do the menu command Help > System Info and post the first ten lines here. This will let us know precisely which version of LR you're using.

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2 y ago

Give your Mac the once over with Onyx, which will delete cache files and bad application states.

Download the free Onyx (, select the Onyx version for your OS, download, run it, reboot.

In Onyx run almost everything in the Maintenance tab, deselecting things you may not want deleted, like Launch Services . Hit the "Options" button across from Internet and deselect more stuff like Cookies & Other Site Data, Browser History, Form Values, etc. (most of these are OFF by default). If you don’t know what something is, google it, or don’t run it, or ask me), then hit Run Tasks. After it's done it will ask for a reboot.

Also try to fix any directory damage by running Disk First Aid from Disk Utility: boot into Recovery Mode, (hold down Command-R when booting). When you're in Recovery Mode go to the Utilities menu and launch Disk Utility, say Repair Disk. When done go to Apple Menu for Startup disk and restart normally.



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2 y ago

Ines, could you also share screenshot of the Export settings you are using along with the System Info as mentioned by John