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Tue, Jul 3, 2018 4:57 PM

Lightroom E-Mail Questions



1. How can one create a preset e-mail with subject line and body in text.  I can have a subject line or the body in the clipboard and manage it that way but it ads two unnecessary steps.  Clipboard: Is there a way to set 'two levels' of copy/paste? - Quora

2.  If I use a secondary display-survey how can I tell the e-mail message to show up on the secondary screen in the certain location and above the survey view?  Right now it just goes behind it. 

3.  Is there a shortcut key to e-mail photo? I have seen this but how do I add a new shortcut?


Any help is appreciated,






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3 years ago

To answer the 3rd question there is a shortcut for Mac but I don't know of one for Windows. For Mac it is Cmd Shift M.

Victoria's site has an awesome list of Lightroom Shortcuts here:

just in case you're interested. 

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