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Tue, Sep 20, 2011 9:52 AM

Lightroom: double import photos in LR3

photos earlier than 1/1/2001 can be imported more than once, they are not blokked when prevent doubble import is selected


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9 years ago

Remember, the wording is "suspected duplicates", based on two criteria that I know about (this is from memory, so perhaps someone can verify my guess):

- file date
- file name

I suspect your camera has rolled the 4-digit id for filenames over.

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9 years ago

One other criteria, IIRC, is file size.

However, I do rather think that Hubert is correct. I've just run a test on a folder of 44 images taken pre-2000, firstly copying that folder to two separate locations. I then tried to import BOTH folders (one at a time) into the same catalog. First import correctly imported all 44 images, the second import (with Don't Import Suspected Duplicates turned ON) actually imported 36 of them, but regarded the remaining 8 as duplicates (though on subsequent investigation these 8 had had their EXIF data stripped, so no pre-2001 date to trip up Lightroom).

So it would seem to me that the original post is correct, though I'll have to take Hubert's word for the actual break point being 1/1/2001.

LR3.4.1, Win7 64bit