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Wed, May 30, 2018 4:49 PM

Lightroom does not create thumbnails after saving from Photoshop

All of a sudden, now
when I go into Photoshop to edit a photo and bring it back into lightroom, the previews in the filmstrip and grid mode are greyed out.  If I bring them into the develop module, it shows up which leads me to believe LR isn't creating a preview once saving from Photoshop back into Lightroom.  Any ideas?




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2 years ago

Make sure you're saving with Maximize Compatibility and Previews in PS Prefs.

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2 years ago

Hi Alan,

What is the version of Lr and Ps you are working on? and OS version?  

I verified this workflow on both win and mac with Lr and Ps latest versions, I do not see any issue. Lr is updating the preview(in grid, loupe and filmstrip) as soon as I save the image in Ps. Could you attach a screen recording, it would be helpful for us in reproducing the issue.