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Sun, Jan 15, 2012 7:43 PM


Lightroom: Develop Presets in Nested Folders

Please allow nested folders inside the Presets folder inside the Develop Module, so that we can group sets together.

E.g. FILM EMULATIONS would contain both B&W and COLOR folders and those folders would contain presets.

Currently, if you have a hierarchy more that one directory deep (on Mac OS X), the inner directories do not apear in LR, whether or not they contain presets.

I realize that this could mean an ugly directory tree forking its way across the screen. What if you could solo folders in Presets instead of having them all visible all the time? You rarely have to move presets from one folder to another inside LR, so there's no real gain from seeing all of them all the time.

Thanks for all your great work on LR. The LR4 Beta is another great step forward.

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