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Fri, Aug 17, 2018 3:46 AM

Lightroom Develop module to Library module bug

Sometimes after I have applied adjustments in the Develop module, when I click back to the Library module, the develop adjustments don't show. I can click back and forth between the Library view and the Develop view and it's as clear as day, the develop adjustments do not appear in the Library view.  Furthermore, if I export the image in the Library module, the image arrives at it's destination without the develop adjustments.  What's up with that??


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2 years ago

Hi Stephen,

if you build standard preview for the image which is not showing the develop adjustments does the problem go away?




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2 years ago

Can you go to the 'Help - System Info' menu and copy/paste the first ten lines or so from that info? 

Johan W. Elzenga,