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Tue, Jun 14, 2011 5:27 AM

Lightroom: Develop Before and After revert settings bug

Develop module.

Make develop changes.

Click on 'Cycle beteen before and after view' (Choose any of the 4 options), normal behaviour.

Change the option to any other option and the image is reverted to the original unedited RAW file (multiple combinations of initial choice and subsequesnt choice produces same affect).

"Revert Settings" appears in the history.




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10 y ago

I'm not sure I follow you. What does "Change the option to any other option" mean? Also, what version of Lightroom, and what OS?




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10 y ago

I can not duplicate what you are seeing.

More detailed step-by-step would probably help.

There may be some confusion as to what your Four Options are you are cycling through.

Revert Settings in History comes from the "Copy Before's Settings to After's" which is one of the three choices in the Before & After section.

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7 y ago

Sometimes restarting Lightroom and/or rebooting computer will fix strange problems like this.