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Sun, Jan 15, 2012 9:41 PM

Lightroom: Custom Templates in Book module

Hi all,

I think it would be very nice if any company can produce its own custom templates for LR. For example local book-maker companies. Do you plan to publish APIs or procedures to allow this?

I really love you new Book module and I think this could get even more...

Pavel Pola

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Lightroom: Ability to create custom book templates/sizes from scratch


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10 y ago

I'm pretty sure that by the time LR is out in general release Queensberry, photobox, photo2books and a myriad of others will be supplying their templates.
I suspect that Adobe partnered up with the single book supplier to show what can be done.
They would be far too short sighted to allow only one 3rd party book supplier to use LR. I've never heard of blurb, and shipping hardback books across continents and oceans is not an option for me here in Cape Town.

I'm very interested to see what happens, but there need to be improvements on the exporting to TIFF / to JPEG as well as the PDF before it gets my vote

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9 y ago

While the addition of other book production vendors is indeed desirable ... I have some very serious concerns as to the potential drawbacks the current Book module setup has.

I order Books/Albums from several vendors. They all use a slightly different page size, trim area, etc. ...

With the current style that Adobe chose to create templates ... even if all my popular vendors created the various templates needed to layout and export books they produce ... do you realize how much space and the number of templates needed to achieve that goal? ... Talk about bloat ...

I am baffled that the software development industry leader credited with the likes of PageMaker and InDesign, chose to use such a fixed and complicated method for templates and output ... and not a more fluid, customizable method.

When I want to create a custom page size in Aperture 3, I just simply select Custom, enter the page dimensions and my chosen margins and voila ... the book is ready for layout ... I just can't figure out why this has to be so difficult. Or why the Lr team chose the method they did. It is just so time consuming and limiting in it's current state.