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Fri, Oct 23, 2015 6:19 AM


Lightroom croptool : visualizing the bleed when preparing large prints


I often order large prints and usually, the image is trimmed down because the printer service applies a 2 or 3mm bleed, which can't be avoided. I'd like to have a feature in the crop tool allowing me to enter the value of the bleed (usually 2 or 3 mm) and the desired print size and displaying the resulting bleed zone as a grey area in the current image (or displaying a line showing where the image will be trimmed). This would be very useful when preparing a file for an external printer service and adjusting the image in order to take the bleed zone into account.

Of course, this feature should be available in the development module while using the crop tool.

I guess this would be useful for all the users who send their images to a printer service.


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5 years ago

This would be helpful when you know the actual bleed dimensions used by the printing service and are cropping the image. To prevent bleed clipping when not cropping the image you can use the Print module Print Job> 'Custom File Dimensions to include the bleed. Then add the actual bleed settings in Layout> Margins.

Due to paper tolerances and printer accuracy the bleed crop in the actual print may not be perfectly centered as it appears in the Develop module's Crop preview. In the case of adding a white border it may cause the white border to show on one or even two edges if too large a margin is used.

Regardless it would be helpful to have the ability to enter and see printer bleed settings in LR just as we can in PS or ID. My vote added!