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Tue, Mar 24, 2020 11:55 PM

Lightroom: Copy/Paste Not Working

Lightroom CC is not pasting my settings, except for the just tone curve. When there is no tone curve adjustment it will not paste anything. I've rebooted my Mac, reset the preferences, and also tried a solution posted in another thread where someone recommended clicking elsewhere in the LR workspace. 

Any actual solutions?


P.S. It just took me 25 minutes to be able to sign up for an account here, because I had to go in a near-endless loop of verification and traffic light identification. With other software offering big discounts right now, my 12-year stretch of Adobe product usage is hanging by a thread. 




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1 y ago

Please copy and paste the first 10 lines from the menu command Help > System Info, so we know precisely which version you're running, on which platform (Lightroom's unfortunate multiple rebrandings make "Lightroom CC" highly ambiguous.)

Copy/paste is working for others in general, so we'll need more details about the precise steps you're doing.  Can you give us a blow-by-blow of each action, including whether you're in Library or Develop and whether you're in Loupe view (one photo showing) or Grid view.  (A screen recording would be best if that's straightforward for you.)

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1 y ago

I'm a heavy user of Develop Copy / Paste and not having any problems. 
  1. in the Develop module
  2. highlight a single image, only a single image
  3. click the Copy... button in the bottom left side of the window
  4. in the popup, choose your copy options 
  5. click the Copy button
  6. highlight any number of images
  7. click Paste and watch in the film strip as they gradually change
Hope this helps

I recommend that you buy and study "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book" by Martin Evening or check the tutorials on the Adobe site. 



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1 y ago


Can you list down the edits that you are trying to copy paste?
Along with that attach a screenshot of the Copy Settings window so that we can try to reproduce this behaviour in-house.
Please share system info from Help->System info menu option as well.