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Mon, Feb 10, 2020 1:43 AM


Lightroom Color Profile Problem when used in a Preset

I am using a Nikon Z6.  When I create a preset that includes changing the color profile (i.e. Adobe Color to Adobe Portrait), it creates a magenta cast over the image. If I create a preset that changes other things, but does not alter the Color Profile (i.e. leave it unchecked), then I do not get the color cast.

If I change the Color Profile from Adobe Color to Adobe Portrait manually (without using a preset), then it works fine (i.e. no color cast).

I also notice that Adobe Color and Adobe Portrait don't have a V2 like some of the others have, but again, they work okay when applied manually.

LR Classic 9.1

Camera Raw 12.1




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a year ago

These symptoms are very similar to those with certain Canon EOS models:

As with the Canon EOS problem, a preset including profile Adobe Color causes a magenta cast, and Adobe Color is based on a v2 Adobe Standard camera profile.