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Tue, Jun 11, 2019 5:23 PM

Lightroom Cloud Storage and Watermarks

I have spent 2 hours on chat and phone with Adobe support only to get to the conclusion that the Cloud Storage being adverticed is not actually storage but only helps you with synching between devices. Meaning that in 2019, I still need to have an external hard drive to save my photos on. The 2tb of storage I bought thinking I would avoid the external hard dive will not work for this purpose. I discovered this after having imported photos directly from my memory card into Lightroom CC (happy thinking I would avoid local storage), and then getting an error message that my computer storage is completely full. 
The issue seems to stem from me having bought the new Photography Package, because I need to be able to export custom watermarks on my computer which you can only do in Lightroom Classic CC (created watermark in Photoshop, saved as png and imported to Lightroom Classic). Synched photos from Lightroom CC to Lightroom Classic saves your photos locally. This is not a sustainable solution. 
Can someone please come up with a solution to A) Use custom watermarks in Lightroom CC (the full functionality you have with watermarks in Lightroom classic)B) Actually convert the Cloud Storage Solution into A STORAGE SOLUTION (learn from Apple Cloud, Google Drive eg). It feels like false advertising and I was highly disappointed figuring this out from customer support... 
Adobe, please take this feedback seriously from all photographers and visual artists out there! 


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2 years ago



a. Watermarks is a very popular feature request and is on our list of enhancements to perform to the Lightroom Ecosystem. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an ETA on a Graphic-based watermark at this time.

There is a feature request for watermarks you should consider adding your [Me-too] vote to: . Feel free to add any comments for the team to that thread. 

b. It seems like there may be a slight disconnect here: The storage solution in Lightroom Ecosystem is like others, (You mention Google, Apple, etc.). When files are imported they must have a place to live until your computer's uptime, Lightroom Desktop's being active,  and available bandwidth allow them to fully sync to the cloud.  Once they have synced with the cloud they no longer need to remain on your drive. Lightroom will purge those originals for you and manage your space based upon your preferences.  Any additional storage required is transient and not needed after you've synced. That is how things work with other cloud services... It lives on your computer till it syncs, then can be off loaded, then can be retrieved from the cloud. 

Of course - any future imports you do (e.g. memory card) will require space temporarily to hold the contents of the media until it can fully sync to the cloud.  Otherwise, you would be forced to leave you memory card in the reader until sync was complete - which, in the case of large cards could be several hours. 

You always have the option - but not the requirement - to store your originals locally if you like but then they will consume space. 

I hope that answers your questions. 

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