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Wed, Oct 28, 2015 10:58 AM

Lightroom: Clipping Indicators Inconsistent (They vary within 3)

1. I open an image in develop and tweak the blacks and whites so that each is on the value just above / below triggering the clipping indicator (I select the number and use the up and down arrows so it is exactly accurate). For example if I see that setting the white value to 87 will trigger the indicators I set it to 86.

2. I navigate to a different image

3. I navigate back to the image

Result: Sometimes, though the value for white (or black) is the same, the clipping indicators will now be showing. It is often requires an adjustment of as many as 3 numbers to get the clipping indicators to stop showing. This also happens when clipping indicators don't show, but adjusting a white value upward (that had previously triggered the clipping indicator) fails to trigger it. Again, it may require an adjustment or as many as 3 to cause the indicators to show.

So it appears that the clipping indicators are only accurate to within 3.

I can easily replicate this with numerous images.


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2 years ago

Are you still getting this? I think I'm getting the same thing.... I only saw your post after I'd posted mine lol.