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Fri, Apr 6, 2018 1:58 PM

Lightroom Classic/Lightroom CC: GPS data lost between applications - workflow becomes to complex

I'm with my second batch of importing / uploading etc

I've discover a problem, probably because of RAW/NEF photos. Maybe because GPS data are not embedded in file? :

Because after 3 months I'm always not sure I can use or not LR classic to upload real pictures in cloud I have to use the very weak / limited Lr CC.
Here my concern :
It seems when uploading to LR CC a full 20MB is send to the the cloud with GPS data. I can see it and sometime not.
Then because LR classic and LR CC does not communicate, a full 20MB raw (NEF) copy is send to LR classic. But without GPS data.
Send I need to manually enter GPS data. 
Then I need to select manually
Than I need to ctrl-S to save the GPS data.
Then a full 20MB is send again in the cloud.

Is it a limitation (once again)
Is it a fail from me?

What do I'm suppose to do?



Go for C1, succeed your cloud by yourself 


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3 years ago

Même constat. Photos chargés dans LR Classic 7.3, Champ coordonnées GPS completé.
Conversion en .dng
Snycronisé sur iPad.... aucunes coordonnées GPS dans l'aperçu-dynamique

Same observation. Photos loaded in LR Classic 7.3, GPS coordinates field completed.
Converting to .dng
Snycronized on iPad .... no GPS coordinates in the preview-dynamic



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As far as I know, displaying GPS data isn't implemented in LRCC for iOS yet. You should, however, be able to see it in LRCC for desktop and LRCC Web. It definitely should be syncing from Classic to the cloud, and from there it should appear in the desktop and web LRCC apps. That's how it works for me.

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Ok, a next version maybe?