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Thu, Apr 9, 2020 9:21 PM

Lightroom Classic Won't Exit, Apparent Memory Leak

I have 95,368 images and videos in my catalog (probably many are duplicates, which I'm hoping to remove soon).

I was trying to exit Classic today, and as has happened a few times recently, it is stuck at 'Backing up "CATALOG"...'

It's using about 15.6 GB of RAM, which an unusually high amount for Classic, but barely using the CPU and isn't using the disks at all.


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1 y ago

I assume the BU has worked in the past. 

Is the drive you are backing up to full or near full?  If so, clear some space on it (remove some really old LR Backups, empty trash/recycle bin,  etc.



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1 y ago

Your system's RAM usage remains pretty much constant over time. What the size of your catalog (.lrcat) on disk?