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Wed, Aug 22, 2018 1:31 AM

Lightroom Classic: Will not close on macOS

I have recently purchased Lightroom Classic (Photography Package).  I have tried it on 2 different MAC's that I own.  It will not close on either machine.  I have to force quit each time.  Any ideas what is causing this ?  Everything is up to date.


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2 years ago

Probably a hosed cache or application state. Please give your Mac the "once over"! Run the free Onyx (, REBOOT. (In Onyx just run everything in the Automation tab). Run Disk Warrior if you can ($120), (, REBOOT. If you can’t do Disk Warrior, at least run First Aid from Disk Utility. Also just doing a "Safe Boot" can clear out caches (restart, hold down shift until you see "Safe Boot" on the screen, let it finish booting then reboot normally.

If that doesn’t work try launching Lightroom from your other (admin or test) account, with a new catalog, as a test. Does it run OK? If it doesn't crash it may be a corrupted preference in your Library folder. Check The Lightroom Queen site for instructions on how to reset your LR preferences (

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2 years ago

The first thing to check may sound stupid, but make sure you are signed into the CC desktop app.