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Mon, Jun 10, 2019 6:17 PM

Lightroom Classic: why no access to synced photos a la Lightroom CC?

I'm sure this been requested before, but I don't see it. I use LR Classic CC and sync all my photos to the cloud so that I can access them on mobile. So why can't I access those synced photos on LR Classic when I am away from from the original files (which are on an external hard drive at home)?


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2 y ago


If you are working on a single computer like a laptop and plug in when you are home to an external hard drive but want to work on your files while on the road, and without the hard drive? You need to use the Smart Preview functionality to create Smart Previews of the photos you want to work on while remote so that you can continue working without the originals present. 

You can choose to build smart previews from any subset of files, the synced, the not synced or a mixture. They are stored next to the catalog files and not with the originals and designed for this workflow.