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Tue, Apr 30, 2019 4:55 AM


Lightroom Classic: Why do GPX coordinates from KML appear "weirdly"

Yesterday, Paris was sunny and I decided to take a walk in the park.

I also tried to test Lightroom Classic maps.

So I put my Google Maps on, and took a couple of pictures.

They, of course, arrived safe and well placed on the map.

Since I don't (really) care about being tracked all day long, I had to remove the GPS tagging from my pictures to go further, but inside Bridge that was ok.

Then I wondered how to get the Google Maps KML data inside Lr.

I found KML -> GPX converters online. Worked well, my tracks, in purple here (fig. 1), showed nicely on Open Street Map.

But when I picked that very same GPX to add it to LR, it arrived as a mess. Weird, discontinued lines, trying to connect somewhere else (fig. 2).

It took me a lot of tweaking to get the map straight again (fig.3).

I realized that KML only store beginning and end of track times, when Lr needs every track point with a stamp.
Of course, Google Maps tracker is way less precise than anything (hard or software) dedicated to that, but I guess that KML could be used by the team, especially for non savvy users that would only have a Google Maps tracking...


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2 y ago

I use geotag photos and you need to set the resolution of intermediate points.



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2 y ago

Franck, it sounds like you figured out why converting KML files to GPX format didn't the way you expected.  But it's not clear from your post what you'd like LR to do about that?