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Mon, Dec 30, 2019 2:55 AM


Lightroom Classic: When importing a large number of photos, the progress bar does not move and user believes the import failed.

I am importing a large number of photos and although there is a progress bar at the top left, it does not appear to show any progress.  I sit and wait for minutes and hours without it seeming to move at all.  It give the impression that the tool has stopped working.

Please either show also a % with the progress bar or give the end user an estimate of how long it will take for the process to completed.

Many times I have quit the tool mid-process which has caused zero byte files and corrupt catalogs.

Please help improve your product.




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2 y ago

We'll need a bit more information Pam, for example:

A large number... how large?
Which operating system?
Which Lightroom version (found under Help menu > System Info)

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2 y ago

I've seen LR stall with a large import - usually attributed to running out of RAM (memory rather than diskspace).   If that's the case, run multiple imports (one after the other) with a smaller number of images in each one. 

One way to check for any progress is to select the "current import" standard collection in the Catalog Panel and see if any new images are showing up.