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Sun, Nov 1, 2020 8:44 PM

Lightroom Classic: Watermark: Italic & Bold Transposed

In the latest version of Lightroom Classic in the watermark panel. Click Italic and you get bold and visa versa. Noticed this after the update to the new version. My water mark had gone from Italic to bold.



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9 m ago

Not a problem on my Windows 10 machine. Most likely a plugin conflict. 

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9 m ago

Me. If I chose italic I get another font. I have open a topic in another Adobe forum to have some others feed back on it. 


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9 m ago

Italic doesn't work at all for me on my Windows 10 machine.

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9 m ago

Choosing Italic or Bold Italic in the Watermark Editor definitely aren't giving the expected results for me either.  

LrC 10.0 & Win 10 with no plug-ins.

Preference reset didn't help.

Adobe Administrator


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9 m ago

I am able to duplicate the bad behavior on Windows for the Watermark Editor when applying Italic and Bold Italic. I am logging a bug with the team. 

Thank you for the reports.

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8 m ago

Got the same issue since the last update with my Win10 (never happened before). Already reported Adobe but the latest update today (8 Dec 2020) still didn't fix the issue.

To Support, please help.

Case number: ADB-16667112-P6G0


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7 m ago

Lightroom Classic since version 10.0 (Windows 10, 64-bits) does not correctly support italic fonts in watermark. LRC 10.1 does not fix this bug neither. For none of the fonts!

It is strange that Adobe, the King of Fonts, breaks their own kingdom !!!

And since the bug is so obvious and easy to reproduce, one can wonder how the baseline is tested before being released for an update

thanks and regards


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7 m ago

OS: Windows 10 2004

Lightroom Classic: 10.1

Font: FreeMono

When exporting an image with a Text Watermark, the output text is Italics even if Regular is selected.

Tested with FreeMono Font

Before Lightroom 10.x version, the bug was not present

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Lightroom Classic Watermarking: Text is in Italics even if Regular is Selected