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Sun, Jun 28, 2020 5:44 AM

Lightroom Classic: Video - Dynamic Link Media Server consuming 454% of CPU slowing performance

Again mirroring Andy's question, I am also having the issue of dynamiclinkmediaserver taking up a huge amount of energy and battery power while running LR Classic.

Per your requests though, I am running High Sierra (10.13.6) and LR Classic (9.3 Release). 

Activity Monitor is showing dynamiclinkmediaserver -> amecommand taking 454% CPU and is making my Macbook Pro run super slowly and export of a small gallery is taking over 4 hours. Advice on how to fix would be greatly appreciated!

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Lightroom Desktop: High sustained CPU usage from dynamiclinkmediaserver.


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8 months ago

I am also having this problem.
I came home after having been gone all day.  Computer was on, but Lightroom was not open.  dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe was blazing away using 100% of one cpu core, heating it up and running the fan.  I opened and closed Lightroom, with no effect.  Manually ending the process killed it.
Opening Lightroom again restarted dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe, but did not restart the high CPU usage.  Closing Lightroom this time also ended dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe.

Why was this process running without Lightroom even being open?

Windows 10 v.1909 Build [18363.900]
Lightroom Classic v9.1 Build [201911291132-64cf80b4]

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You should probably update to Classic 9.3 as there have been several fixes released. 
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This reply is not helpful. I am running Lightroom Classic 9.4 and the issue is NOT solved.

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7 months ago

I am running LR Classic 9.3 in Windows 10.  This is a problem I've only seen consistently recently.  If I export a folder of a few hundred photos and just a couple of small videos (H.264), the export eventually hangs.  the progress bar shows only 25-35% complete, and does not move.  The export destination folder has all of the photos and some, but not all, of the videos.  If I look at Task Manager, CPU is at 100% almost all of it LR Classic, dynamiclinkmediaserver, and NUMEROUS instances of  amecommand.exe.

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6 months ago

I'm struggling with this same issue as well... but in addition, any attempts to export video from Photoshop, they are stuck in the exporting phase due to the dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe running in the background.  When I kill the .exe file in the Task Manager, then restart Photoshop, I am ab;e to export video just fine. I use both Lightroom Classic (9.4) and Photoshop (21.2.3) and am Using Windows 10 on a PC.  Seems this has been an issue for a very long time now.  It finally made it way to my world. :(

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2 months ago

Mac OS Sierra 10.13.6

Lightroom Classic 9.4

100% CPU usage of Dynamiclinkmediaserver

hijacking my entire computer system for several days now and it's driving me mad. The problem has been known for years.
I pay a monthly fee, surely that should ensure a better service than feeling fobbed off with disinterest by the Adobe person here?

How do I stop this dynamiclinkmediaserver terrorising my computer and my workflow and nerves?

This being a known and apparently unsolved issue for years indicates a lack of interest. Are you suggesting I ought to pay $1500 to buy a new laptop because Adobe can't fix a longterm issue. Should I look for another company product? I have used and loved Lightroom since forever. Why is this problem appearing NOW all of a sudden? Make it go away!

Sorry, I am irritated and got MORE irritated reading the deflective Adobe employee responses on 2 threads addressing this issue.

(2015 laptop, working gloriously for everything else in my life, why this sudden system crippling issue from Lightroom!)

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2 months ago

Same problem here, I guess the Dynamiclinkmediaserver consuming high CPU make the videos I play choppy and stuttering. This is unacceptable as I have the latest macOS big sur with the last release of LR Classic from the cloud. Also my iMac 2017 has enough cpu power and maxed out with ram (32gb) and GPU (8gb).

The 2160p or 1080p videos play flawlessly outside LR (quicktime)

Adobe fix this !