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Tue, Mar 13, 2018 12:08 AM


Lightroom Classic: Version 7.2: IPTC field "credit"

The metadata IPTC field "credit" can contain more than 31 characters, but if it comes to the export, the exported images only have 31 characters!
Means everything is fine as long the text is inserted, saved and shown, but for the export the field is limited and shorted to 31 characters!
Please let me know what is wrong, of course I would like to have the full content of this field as well in the jpgs metadata!!!
Thousand thanks!




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3 years ago

The IPTC standard limits the Credit field stored in the IPTC metadata section to 32 characters, and LR is obeying  that standard.

However, LR also stores the full Credit Line field in the Credit field of the XMP metadata section, and that field is essentially unlimited in length.