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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 7:42 PM


Lightroom Classic V10: copying and pasting settings not correct

In addition to the fuzziness of the Library module when zoomed in, I have found another 'quirk' of Lightroom Classic v10.  It goes like this: create virtual copy of RAW file, make adjustments on the virtual copy that are different from the original's settings, including white balance, then copy all settings, go back to original RAW file and paste settings.  

When I tried this (since I often try and compare different settings on the same photo) according to the tools tab, the white balance had copied across, but visually it was obvious that it had not, regardless of whether I view it in Library or Develop.  I tried this in both directions - original to virtual copy and vice versa.  Exactly the same result, and it didn't make any difference whether I reset the photo that I was pasting to or just pasted over the settings that it already had.  Again, the results were the same in both directions (virtual to original or original to virtual).  I have never had this problem before LRC V10.  

The histogram sometimes looked different between copied and pasted versions as well, despite the fact they were the same RAW photo now supposedly with the same develop settings, so there may have been other things that claimed to have copied across when they had not.  As with the blurriness in the Library module that I have mentioned in a separate post, reverting back to v9.4 has cured this lunacy.  So, I now have a few photos to reprocess, but better that than carry on with the mess that v10 seems to be.  

I can see online that people are having various other problems with v10. This is just an unacceptable mess that Adobe really need to sort out quickly.  I am currently regretting not giving my trial version of Capture One a more thorough test run before deleting it.

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