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Sun, Feb 17, 2019 1:51 AM

Lightroom Classic: Using older catalog (2015) in 2019


I couldnt find this answer over the website then I need to ask (again). I am using a CC2015 on a old computer and now get a new computer (with upgraded hardware of course) with CC2019. I am in the middle of editing a catalog in 2015 version and just now copy all my database to new computer.

When I open a old catalog in 2019 version, LR ask to upgrade and I have catalog-2 version. But there's nothing in this upgraded catalog, and what I am looking for now that I can continuously edit this catalog to finish my works in whatever solution.

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2 years ago

1) in Finder or My Computer or File manager navigate to your 2015 catalog.  it is usually in Pictures -> Lightroom.   

2) Double click on the catalog file.  It is a file whose name ends with ".lrcat" and may be "Lightroom Catalog.lrcat" but may have been changed.

3)  It will launch the new version of LR but will complain that your catalog is for an older version.  Select the option to update the old catalog.

4)  this will create a new, updated, copy of the catalog (the old one will still be there) and this new one will have a "-2" (or other number) at the end of the name.

5) You should now be back in business.  However, I'd also go to preferences and tell LR to always open this specific catalog.  I would also move the older ones to some other folder where they are out of the way so that they won't be accidentally opened.