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Tue, Dec 11, 2018 7:34 PM


Lightroom Classic: User customizable tear-off menu with scripting, record-playback

Relocateable tear-off menu and macro/scripts (keyboard recording and playback included) so you can put your sequences of operations one right after the other in some area of your
choice, like a second monitor.

A user custom menu – where you can drag specific
functions into a shortened set so you’re not popping around the screen

Allow dragging individual existing presets there too without having to expand the left side, open the the panel item etc.

Example - if I don't like the auto-tone, (which is better than it once was)...
I set the black, white  points using the SHIFT-double-click on black, then on white - sometimes on Vibrance, othertimes not. I'd like to be able to record such sets of steps for single click execution.

If I do 10 things in sequence - it would be nice to group them and click them off in 1 shot. 

And while we're at it, how about incremental values on presets and not just absolute values, or is there a way to do that that I haven't discovered (outside of the library module's few develop-like controls) ?  I'm not talking about syncing images btw.

(split from a different idea filed per suggestion of Rikk Flohr)


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2 years ago

Nicely articulated. 
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