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Mon, May 27, 2019 9:06 PM

Lightroom Classic: Touches unchanged files when synchronizing a folder - change that!

see this thread for a detailed problem description:

what you see in the screenshot is the result of a binary compare.
no keywords are changed, no edits were made to the images by me.

i have not changed the process version either. the process version of the changed images is still V4 and not v5.

i just used the "synchronize folder" option in LR.


on the left the changed image. on the right an backup of that image (state before i synchronized the folder).

why is adobe LR changing images when you synchronize a folder?

why is it touching images that are not edited/changed in any way?

i just synchronized a folder and LR was touching EVERY images in the folder and subfolders and changed it ́s timestamp.

again... the images are not changed in any way by me.

so in my opinion LR has to do NOTHING to these images. yet they are all set to 27.05.2019.

that means that my automatic backup will copy them over to all my backup drives (because they changed).

read the link above for more infos when it is unclear what i am talking about.


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a year ago

What is worse for me is that this 'touch' forces an upload to my personal backup in the cloud and I don't have the best connection speed in the world so it is very annoying! Please fix this.