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Mon, Aug 5, 2019 1:30 PM

Lightroom Classic: Synchronisation issue between LR mobile

Dear Adobe, 

Is there a way to transfer RAW files I imported into LR Mobile (on iPad) onto a Desktop LR Classic? Like a certain way that I can rely on? 

My issue is concerning synchronisation between LR classic and LR Mobile or the lack of when the internet connection is not perfect. Basically I empty my SD card into iPad Pro, then import the RAW files into LR Mobile (iPad), then I want to sync them with LR Classic (iMac Pro), but the sync alway get stuck at few percent (like 5% or something). I let it run for few days and it moves maybe 1%? 

I’ve been in touch with your support over the phone and chat and they’ve been connected to my computer and your response was always the same: Get better provider, your internet speed is not enough. 

Now... would I have have an option of better internet, I would get it. Believe me. 

My internet speed, when you measured it, was just bellow your requirement. It is not 56kbs, it is just not the fastest.

However I use my internet to upload and download huge files (GBs) on daily bases. So I know that works. It might not be matter of seconds, but in an hour or two it will get from point A to point B. 

So thats what I would expect here as well... it might take longer, but it will get from point A to point B. 

But it doesn’t and I was left with only one option - start with all edits and selections over. There was just no way of transferring those RAW files and edits... I couldn’t believe that this would be an issue in your product. 

Please let me know how can this be resolved and what can we expect from future. 

All the best 
Thanks in advance 




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2 y ago

Go here and add your vote. That would be the only logical solution for you: Lightroom mobile: I would like to synchronize over LAN instead of internet

Johan W. Elzenga,

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Thanks! I voted!

However I don't see why this should be my only logical solution?
Shouldn't be the ability to transfer your files and edits with certainty from one device to another a matter of course? 

Lets say very basic function for a service that I am paying for? 

One would even say almost a necessary function, a core function?

I feel cheated and frustrated.

My download speed is 40mbps.
My upload speed is 7mbps.

I know it doesn't meet the minimum requirement but to cut me off completely? 
This is not that bad internet speed... I upload and download pictures and videos for my clients on daily bases and it works just fine. Takes its time, but works.

Thanks again for your time. 
Sorry if I come off harsh, but it is. not targeted towards you.

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2 y ago

I feel your pain.  I don't know your setup but while you wait for a solution from Adobe which may or may not ever come, you can try a few things.

Try turning off other things that may be consuming band width.  For example you may be running cloud based backup SW such as Carbonite or CrashPlan among others - suspend or turn them off..  If you use general file syncing SW that saves stuff for you on the web like OneDrive or Dropbox suspend those as well.  Go around your house and tell your kids to stop streaming movies for awhile.  Close your internet browsers on all computers hooked to your internet access.  Close other SW that puts traffic on your internet such as email, news feeds, etc.  If you have what Windows calls "Live Tiles" the show you miniature windows with the current weather, or news headlines and the like tell your OS to turn off that feature.  In other words, get all traffic off of your connection except the Adobe Sync process.   I should also point out, that just minimizing such apps to the task bar is many times not enough as many keep running in the background even when minimized.  You actually have to close the application.   In Windows you can see what is still running in the Task manager and on a Mac there must be something similar.


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Hello Dan, first of all thank you for your response and sorry for being 2 days late with mine. I missed the notification in my email. 

I did all that.
I've even let it run for couple days. Still stucked on 3percent or something (it always gave up in different time).

I even let the Adobe support connect to my computer.
The answer was always the same "Your internet connection is to slow"

It might be "too slow" but it is not "not working". 
It works just fine on wetransfer, myairbridge and such. 

This feels like LR is just broken and goes like "aaaah... this just gonna take too long wont it? I better give up now."

And to answer your question:
I am trying to connect iPad Pro with iMac Pro. 
My internet speed is 40mbps download, 7mbps upload. 
There is no option fo faster internet where I live. 

All the best


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2 y ago

Does anyone know why my original post has not spaces, paragraphs and so? Where can I edit it? can I?