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Tue, Nov 24, 2020 1:46 AM


Lightroom Classic: Sorting of images shot in succession (was Time-lapse aware organization tool)

I just spent some time separating several time-lapse sessions into its own catalog, also separating from my main Catalog Media.

Not sure if this thread gets read or if it matters but here goes. I'm sorry if an idea seems rushed, I'm sure there are proper ways about the programming, I'm not assuming anything here is easy. Thanks!


I'd love if LRC could be helpful in sorting images that are shot in succession. Maybe if there was an AI for it, prompting for entering metadata, or even asking if this or that set could be a time-lapse.

I hope LRC can sooner then later be more content aware and metadata entering savvy across larger sets of images.

Please no responses with "make more catalogs" my media sets are going to breach a million in no time ; ).


Deeper search parameters, more file types, video formats please! also raw types!? I hate separating .R3d (etc.) though text input parameters! :***(


Please, please, please, LRC has to be able to better understand duplicates. A catalog of mixed reference imagery has insane naming schemes (79432g78f_7894782.png etc) some of them even have duplicates so it crazy to do.. Sometimes I don't create the years of accumulation of media sorts, Some studio thought it would be important and now its in the mix.


LRC, LR, Rush, Premiere could use a bit easier deployment or connectivity, especially between LR and LRC.


I should be able to edit anything on rush or premiere, same timelines, nests, all of it. Saving Reliably!


Play nicer with Resolve it's ruining turn around time estimates all over the place.


Thank you for everything, much respect.



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2 months ago

Hi, you must be new around here so welcome. The thing is, Adobe can't do anything with a post like this and at some point, they may just come and tell you the same; which is, it's better to break ideas out into individual posts so people can upvote them. For example, if I liked just one of your ideas, I'd simply ignore this post and move on with my life rather than upvote. For single posts, Adobe track upvotes and may acknowledge an idea and possibly implement it at some point. So yes, your individual threads would get read if done right. Otherwise, you just get people coming here to give their opinions, instead of acknowledgement from Adobe, which I assume you'd prefer


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2 months ago

Feature requests need to be one request per post.  Please see for getting maximum impact on your request. 

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2 months ago

"Sorting of images shot in succession...I'd love if LRC could be helpful in sorting images that are shot in succession."

Can you provide more detail about what you mean here? If you do the menu command View > Sort > Capture Time, the images in the grid and filmstrip will be sorted by the time they were taken.

Some backward cameras like Sonys don't include fractional seconds in their capture times, so bursts won't always sort properly by capture time. As a workaround, do View > Sort > File Name, which will sort the bursts properly (except for every 10,000 photo when the file numbering wraps around back to 1).