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Thu, May 17, 2018 3:38 PM


Lightroom Classic: Solution to solve multiple screens issue

By using more than 2 screens (in my case, 2 screens and the 3rd screen is a pen tablet), it's not possible to decide on which screen the 2nd windows should be. In my case, it apperas on the pen tablet and cannot be used in this way

In Photoshop you can drag the windows on the screen you want, not in Lightroom.
I saw in the Adobe support forum that a lot of people have this issue, however this is really easy and quick to solve. 
It just needs a few minutes to develop :
Just add in the preference window a way to select which screen should be used as secondary.

Exemple attached (I'm french, so the screen texts are from the french version, but the meaning is the same :) )

"Automatic" will work as now. If the user is using more screens and wants to have his secondary display on another one that the "standard one", he just needs to select the screen in the list.

That's it !

Simple, quick and easy.


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