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Wed, May 17, 2017 2:40 PM

Lightroom Classic: Slideshows

Don't know if this subject is up for LR developer review but it should be. Considering how good LR is overall the slideshow module really lags behind what is available from other sources. One only needs to look at Boinx (Foto Magico) to see what can be done with a slide show to see how far LR has to go to catch up. Even Apple I Photo does a better job on slide shows. As a CC subscriber I use LR/PS and it would seem that all the elements are already in place to have a spectacular slide show module that one can export to a I Pad or other mobile devices. As a photographer I see more pictures shared on peoples devices over prints. Yes I am still printing myself, but the quality of a HI Rez iPad viewing a portfolio is hard to beat. I think in a work flow its just easier to stay in the product one is using then to continuously go outside and having to piece steps together to get your results from various sources. Hopefully this is up for consideration in future LR updates.


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3 years ago

I agree. LR does not even provide a feature to choose transitions....

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2 years ago

Count me in.  My biggest frustrations are (a) no zoom to fit screen (without cropping); and (b) the module is buggy for large slideshows. 

Regarding the latter, I can rarely get a slideshow to work with more that 18K images - basically, attempts to play the slideshow don't get beyond preview generation.  An obvious question is "an 18K image slideshow, really?"  In my case it's because I use LR to manage and access my entire photo library, and I like to display random slideshows on screens around the house.   Regardless, the slideshow module should scale as well as other LR features,   It doesn't, apparently because it's buggy.