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Sat, Jan 6, 2018 2:41 AM


Lightroom Classic: Slideshow will not upscale smaller photos

There is a long-standing bug in LR Classic SLIDESHOW where the zoom function doesn’t work on smaller photos so they don’t fill the screen as do the larger photos. Thus the slideshow function is essentially useless and I have to use FCP to make slideshows in which every photo fills the screen.

I realise the slideshow seems to be limited to the pixels an image really has - an image will not be zoomed/enlarged. I could also export images with smaller pixel count and have the export set to upscale and have these images reimported. Then use these 'upscaled' images in the slideshow, a real hassle!

But if LRC can upscale during the export process, why isn’t there an option to do this during the production of a slideshow? The code is already built in.


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