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Tue, Mar 13, 2018 2:30 AM

Lightroom Classic: Show Import Dialog When SD Card Is Inserted Keeps Getting Unchecked

In LR Classic, the Show Import dialog when SD card Is inserted keeps getting unchecked! This has occurred for years and Abode is aware of it but it's still not fixed! This has occurred when it is updated and as I recall, for no reason at all.


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3 years ago

Macintosh or Windows?

In either case, my first suspicion would be that when the app is updated, the link, in the OS, between the action "Card Inserted" and the app is severed, and Adobe's only option is for the user to restore this manually.

In any event, I see the same kind of behavior with my firewall software -- after every update I have to manually restore all permissions for an app. (Which makes sense, because, after all, this is a "new" app, and I might want different behavior).